A 2.5D retro-platformer whereupon you play as a cybernetic rabbit equipped with a boomerang-like bladed appendage. Also, it’s hard as nails.

Slinki is a bunny-rabbit to whom bad things have happened in the wake of the calamity that befell the forest he called home. Now he must rely on his mobility, your wit, and the bladed metal appendage that now graces what once used to be his arm, in his endeavour to reach the sickened heart of his once peaceful Wood and end it’s suffering.

Website, courtesy of our publisher at: slinkigame.com

Come here and talk/ask us things about it (we’re feeling lonely).

We also have a indieDB page.



Coming REALLY soon to PC (and to Linux if you guys ask us nicely enough), by means of Desura and IndieGameStand.

We can also be on Steam if you would kindly vote for us on Greenlight. We’ll be good.

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Proper demo coming soon!